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13 Dead After Van Attack In Barcelona

In the latest terror attack involving a car or van driving into a crowd, thirteen are dead and fifty injured after a van drove into a crowd of tourists in the popular Las Ramblas promenade in Barcelona, Spain. The attack occurred at about 5pm local time. Las Ramblas is an area frequented by both tourists and locals and is often packed full of people. In other words, a perfect target for terrorists. Police have arrested one man in connection with the attack and they are ruling it a terrorist attack. This comes a few days after White supremacist terrorist James Alex Fields Jr drove into a crowd of peaceful protesters here in the United States. Similar van attacks have also occurred in London and Paris in the last two years.

It seems that this is the new weapon of choice for terrorists. It makes sense. It’s so easy to get a car and suddenly head towards a crowded area. It’s pretty frightening that you aren’t even able to walk down the street without worrying about being run down by some lunatic. The identity of the attacker has not been released and the Spanish police are still unclear whether he acted alone.

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