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Iphone 5c Aluminum or Plastic?

Yesterday, Apple introduced their new plastic iPhone also known as the iPhone 5C. While it’s known that going with plastic will save them mucho dinero, Apple is saying that their decision is a lot more than dinero.

Imagine, no more back orders when the iPhone 5C is released due to cutting manufacturing time because it wont be consumed on CNC machining and anodizing like they did with aluminum iPhone 5S.  Apple will be nailing two birds with one stone by cutting costs in material & labor while getting their products out to the consumer a lot faster.

Apple is offering 5 cool/bright colors on the 5C models, which doesn’t seem to make a difference nowadays, since the first thing consumers do when buying a phone is pick a nice cover to protect their investment.  But wait, Apple thought of that too, since they are offering 6 colorful cases riddled with holes, you can see the color of your phone through the case, genius marketing!

Of course, it seems WAY cheaper for Apple to manufacture and keep up with the demand, but does that price cut trickle down to the consumers? $100 cheaper (with a contract) than the aluminum-made iPhone 5S may be a start, but it would make more sense if retailers offered the colorful 5C at, let’s say $50 with a contract and $150 without the commitment of a contract (if that’s the case, I’ll take one in each color).

Is Apple the first one to come out with plastic smart phones?  No, a few have been out for a while…but, they are the first at marketing their simple plastic phones by adding nice bright colors with amazing technology.

This whole thing reminds me of when I got my grandma her first plastic, steam iron. She thought it was crap because it wasn’t her heavy metal iron she was used to, even though it cut her ironing time in half!  The old school in me prefers a metal phone; we’ll see what the new school prefers once it comes out September 20th.


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