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The 2014 WRC Corona Rally Guanajuato

The world rally championship has several championships throughout the world which pits drivers and production based cars against some of the toughest and most varied conditions on the planet. Established in 1973, the WRC is considered one of the most challenging motorsport championships in the world.

The Annual WRC Corona Rally championship takes place in Mexico in the cities of Léon, Silao, and Guanajuato in March. Since 2004, this event has continued to grow in popularity both for fans and competitors and has become the fifth best rally competition in the world. Each rally consists of 15 to 25 timed stages run on closed roads, where the drivers compete to get the fastest time on each stage.

From Friday to Sunday the tough terrain of the Sierra de Lobos are filled with hundreds of spectators camping out for the weekend to see the rally cars race by.

This championship can be very tough on drivers as they navigate through the Mexican sierra with a variety of road course conditions, heat and high altitude.

The WRC Corona Rally has many different events through out the weekend giving variety to race fans.

If you are into parting well into the night with hundreds of people in the sierra and then getting up early and getting showered by dust as the rally cars race by then the Sierra stages is an event you must experience. If you prefer a toned down version then you can see the street stages or the stadium track events.

As this international event continues to grow, the WRC Corona Rally is a great event for race fans young and old.

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