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Wish List: 7R0N Watch

Never in our life have we wanted something as badly as the 7R0N watch. This concept timepiece (pronounced “Seven-R-Zero-N”)– the brainchild of British designer Scott Galloway– uses the classic Disney sci-fi flick Tron as its inspiration. If this fantastic little gadget doesn’t strike your fancy, then you sir are no friend of ours and can get the hell out.

What sold us on the 7R0N was the cool, bright electroluminescence strip that wraps around the black watch strap. It’s a nice tribute to the outfits worn in the movie and would look kick ass around our wrist.

The design also incorporates two rings that look an awful lot like Tron rings to tell time. The smaller of the two (the inner ring) gives you the hour while the larger (the outer one) gives you the minute.

The 7R0N watch would come in blue, red, or yellow– the colors used for the different light cycles in the original movie.The watch is currently not in production but if this design gets enough votes, there’s a chance that TokyoFlash Japan will start making them and selling it. What this means is that you need to go over here now, give this watch 5 stars and click “Yes” on the “Would you Buy?” button.

Source: TokyoFlash Japan

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