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U.S. Children Have A Lot To Learn From Mexican Bullfighting Children

December 21, 2011 

After reading an article about Mexican kids becoming bullfighters at an early age, comedian Lucas Molandes is convinced that Americans could learn a thing or two from their counterparts south of the border.

Cockfighting Needs To Stop, Latinos

March 14, 2012 

By Jack Tomas In Spain yesterday, 46 people were arrested for running an illegal cock fighting ring. The police had caught wind of the operation a couple of months ago and put those jerks behind bars. Sadly, this is not an uncommon thing.  The Spanish and we Latinos have a long history of cock fighting…..

Bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla Gored, Gets Horn Through Face (Graphic)

October 10, 2011 

Last Friday at the Feria del Pilar in Zaragoza, Spain, bullfighter Juan Jose Padilla was gored by a bull. The horn entered the toreador’s jaw right underneath the ear and exited through his left eye socket. The injury occurs at the 4:15 mark, though be warned that it’s pretty gruesome so if the sight of….

Drunken Idiot Taunts Bull, Loses Pants

October 04, 2011 

Bullfighting isn’t a sport. It’s cruelty to animals. We’ve expressed our opinion on the issue more than several times. Needless to say, it always brings joy to our heart whenever we see some idiot get what’s coming to them whenever they taunt a bull. Sometimes things end pretty terribly for toreadores (like a horn through….

Barcelona’s Final Bullfight

September 26, 2011 

Yesterday, 20,000 people attended La Monumental arena in Barcelona to witness the city’slast ever bull fight. Earlier this year, the autonomous Catalonian government banned the sport after much pressure from animal rights activists.