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Is El Chupacabra In Mississippi?

December 29, 2016 

El chupacabra, the dreaded “goat sucker” of Latino folklore has sprung up in the unlikeliest of places: Picayune, Mississippi. The beast has been seen outside of town scavenging through the trash and the eating odd neighbor’s cat. I guess they don’t have any goats for him to feast on in that part of the South…..

El Chupacabra Is Back For Halloween

October 27, 2015 

Being Latino and from the Southwest, I’ve lived most of my life with knowledge and fear of El Chupacabra, the vicious blood-drinking, goat-killing monster that haunts Latino nightmares worse than Donald Trump’s toupee. Now definitive proof of the existence of the beast has been found in Paraguay just in time for Halloween. Some naysayers say….

Chupacabra Finally Captured?

April 04, 2014 

The evil chupacabra has been captured. What brave man would dare confront such a monster? Well it turns out the answer to that question is Arlen Parma, some dude from Ratcliff, Texas. For those of you who don’t know where Ratcliff, Texas is, it’s about a mile from I’m Staying The Hell Away From There,….

Chupacabra and Friends

October 15, 2013 

A buddy of mine asked me what I was going to dress up as for Halloween. I told him, “I’m going as half goat-half state trooper. You know, the Trooper Cabra.” After a moment of awkward silence, he admitted to having no idea what I was referring to. Clearly, he didn’t have the same upbringing….

Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck: El Chupacabra

August 31, 2011 

Marty McFly and Doc Brown had the Delorean to go travel through time; We have the Tu Vez Blast-From-The-Past Truck. Every week, we’ll hop in our time traveling machine, gun it to 88 MPH, and go back in time to bring you the best from the good ol’ days. Will it be a clip from an old telenovela? An old school music video? Stick around and find out!