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Hilary Clinton Names DREAMer As Latino Outreach Director And VH1's 2013 Do Something Awards - Post-it Wall
May 20, 2015 

Preemptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton named as former DREAMer┬áLorella Praeli as her Latino outreach director. She lived in the U.S. for 13 years undocumented. She was a DREAMer activist for several years and her sister is a recipient of President Obama’s DACA executive order. She received her green card in 2012. Amanda Renteria, Clinton’s national….

Pope Francis Meets With Raul Castro At The Vatican

May 11, 2015 

Cuban president Raul Castro traveled to the Vatican to meet with Pope Francis to thank him for his role in ending the American/Cuban detente. This is ahead of the Pope visiting the island nation in September on his way to the United States. Castro is, of course, a communist and therefore traditionally an atheist. Up….

Why I Don’t Give A Crap About Cinco De Mayo

May 06, 2015 

A question that I get asked every year by some acquaintance is, “What are you doing for Cinco de Mayo?” The answer is probably something like doing laundry or taking my cat to the vet. The fact of the matter is that Cinco de Mayo means absolutely nothing to me. First of all it is….

Pope Francis To Visit Cuba

Pope Francis
April 23, 2015 

Pope Francis will be making a stop in Cuba on his way to the United States in September. The pontiff announced that he has received an invitation from the government and bishops of Cuba and has accepted their offer. Francis will be the third pope to visit the island nation after his predecessors Pope John….

President Obama Meets With Raul Castro In Historic Meeting

April 13, 2015 

In a historic meeting over the weekend president Obama met with Cuban president Raul Castro in Panama at the Summit of the Americas. This is the first time that an American president and a Cuban leader have met since Dwight Eisenhower met with dictator Fulgencio Batista in 1957. The two discussed the thaw in relations….

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