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Drug Cartel Involved with Young Cuban MLB Baseball Star

April 16, 2014 

An article in the Los Angeles Magazine alleges that Dodgers young superstar, Yasiel Puig, was smuggled from Cuba into the United States by a Mexican drug cartel.  According to the article, a Miami based air conditioning repairman named Raul Pacheco, help fund the transportation of Puig to Mexico by the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas…..

Celia Cruz Gets Star On Apollo Theater Walk Of Legends

April 01, 2014 

The great Celia Cruz became the first Latina to be honored by New York’s famous Apollo Theater with a spot on its Walk of Legends. The Queen of Salsa died eleven years ago but has posthumously been heralded as one of the great pioneers for Latino women in the music business. Back when most women….

Obama Meets With Pope Francis

Obama Pope Latino
March 27, 2014 

President Barack Obama met with pope Francis in the Vatican today to discuss social and economic issues in the U.S. Obama says he’s a great admirer of the rock star Latino pope and his reforms within the Catholic Church. Of particular interest was their mutual work in helping the poor, Obama said. Of course, the….

Michael Peña On The Wonders Of The Letter ñ

March 26, 2014 

If there is a crucial letter in Spanish that English speakers drop all the time it is the ñ. This important letter is found in a myriad number of Spanish names and words. If you pronounce it with an n instead of an ñ you are saying it wrong. I understand that a lot of….

Sofia Vergara On Why She Kept Her Accent

CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute - Arrivals
March 18, 2014 

It’s a well known fact that Sofia Vergara is one of our favorite actresses here at the the Tu Vez offices. Not only is she beautiful and talented but she is also a very positive roll model for Latinos in the entertainment industry. In an interview in this month’s Woman’s Wear Daily Sofia talks about….

Latinos Will Become The Majority In California This Month

March 06, 2014 

Latinos will become the majority in California this month in a demographic shift sure to forever alter the state politically, socially, economically, and culturally. The Latino community has been increasing exponentially in California for decades and sometime this week the scales will tilt Latino. We now make up 39% of California’s population as opposed to….

A Year After Hugo Chavez Death And His Revolution Is Crumbling

March 05, 2014 

A year ago today Venezuelan leader Hugo Chavez died after a long battle with cancer. The country was consumed by grief and a lot of people nearly canonized the guy in their minds. But things look very different only a year later. Riots and mass protests have rocked the country over the last few weeks….

Fidel Castro Makes Public Appearance

Fidel - 3
January 10, 2014 

Fidel Castro and his sweet beard recently made a rare public appearance in Havana. Contrary to initial reports, Castro the Grey was not out trying to aid his Hobbit friends in their battle against Smaug the dragon. The 87 year old former president of Cuba was attending the opening of an art studio as a….

Winter Storm Freezes Most Of The Country

Chicago skyline is seen beyond the arctic sea smoke rising off Lake Michigan in Chicago
January 07, 2014 

A wicked winter storm has frozen almost the entire country, (Well, except for Hawaii). It’s still balmy there. Record low temperatures and epic blizzards are on their way. Chicago is at -10 right now. That is colder than the South pole. I know that it is summer there, but still. Even Florida is cold with….

Cuban Santeros Welcome The New Year

Cuba Santeria New Yea_Vros (6)
January 02, 2014 

How did you herald in 2014? You probably did something like go to a party or simply watch Sonia Sotomayor bring down the ball in Times Square. In Havana they do things differently. Thousands of Santeros gathered to ring in the new year with drumming, dancing, and some chicken sacrifices. The largest gathering was in….

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