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“X-Men: Days Of Future Past” Brings Us Latino Mutant Sunspot

May 26, 2014 

The X-Men have recruited a Latino for their exclusive team of super powered mutants. Mexican actor Adan Canto plays Brazilian mutant Roberto de Costa AKA. Sunspot in the new X-Men: Days of Future Past. His mutant power is the ability to absorb and focus solar energy. Basically he’s a solar panel that can kick your….

How Do You Say “Selfie” In Spanish?

May 21, 2014 

How do you say the word “selfie” in Spanish? It’s a question that has no doubt kept you up at night. It definitely affected the sleep patterns of a young Columbia Spanish scholar named Mike Murphy. He realized that there is as yet no proper term for taking an annoying duck-faced picture of yourself with….

Yoani Sanchez Launches Dissident Cuban Digital Newspaper

Yoani Sanchez
May 15, 2014 

Cuban dissident blogger Yoani Sanchez is going to launch her own digital newspaper called 14ymedio. The site will feature writers and topics criticizing the Castro government and telling the world what life in Cuba is really like. Yoani has been an outspoken critic of the regime for years on her blog Generation Y. She’s suffered….

Cuba Holds Huge Gay Pride Parade

May 13, 2014 

Cuba’s LGBT community held a giant parade and gay pride event in Havana’s Vedado neighborhood over the weekend. Hundreds of gay, lesbian, bisexuals, and trans folks were on hand to celebrate being out of the closet for the first time…well…ever. The Cuban LGBT community has made huge strides over the last few years due in….

5 Cinco De Mayo Myths

cinco de mayo edit
May 05, 2014 

Today is Cinco De Mayo, and all across the country Latinos and non-Latinos alike will be drinking margaritas until they puke. Much like St. Patrick’s Day is a day to celebrate Irishness, Cinco De Mayo has become a national day of Mexican pride. Over the years, Cinco De Mayo has come to be a celebration….

Gloria Estefan Musical “Get On Your Feet” Headed To Broadway

April 28, 2014 

Cubano diva Gloria Estefan’s music and life story will premiere on Broadway next year in the musical “Get On Your Feet”. The show will tell the tale of Gloria’s beginnings as a poor Cuban immigrant, her romance with husband Emilio Estefan, her rocketing to stardom in the 80′s, and her near fatal bus crash in….

Pope John Paul II Becomes a Saint

April 26, 2014 

While most candidates wait decades or even centuries to be declared a saint, one of the most loved Popes will soon become a saint in record time. There are several steps needed to be declared a saint by the Catholic church and one of them is to perform miracles. Among thousands of submitted miracles to….

Drug Cartel Involved with Young Cuban MLB Baseball Star

April 16, 2014 

An article in the Los Angeles Magazine alleges that Dodgers young superstar, Yasiel Puig, was smuggled from Cuba into the United States by a Mexican drug cartel.  According to the article, a Miami based air conditioning repairman named Raul Pacheco, help fund the transportation of Puig to Mexico by the Mexican drug cartel, Los Zetas…..

Celia Cruz Gets Star On Apollo Theater Walk Of Legends

April 01, 2014 

The great Celia Cruz became the first Latina to be honored by New York’s famous Apollo Theater with a spot on its Walk of Legends. The Queen of Salsa died eleven years ago but has posthumously been heralded as one of the great pioneers for Latino women in the music business. Back when most women….

Obama Meets With Pope Francis

Obama Pope Latino
March 27, 2014 

President Barack Obama met with pope Francis in the Vatican today to discuss social and economic issues in the U.S. Obama says he’s a great admirer of the rock star Latino pope and his reforms within the Catholic Church. Of particular interest was their mutual work in helping the poor, Obama said. Of course, the….

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