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Ted Cruz Announces Candidacy For President

March 23, 2015 

In what seemed like an inevitability, Senator Ted Cruz of Texas announced his candidacy for president in 2016. He’s the first major candidate from either party to announce that they are actually running. If elected, Cruz would become the first Latino president in history. Not that he’s going to get a whole lot of the….

Cuba’s New Goodwill Ambassador Is…Paris Hilton?

Paris Hilton, Fidel Castro Diaz Balart
March 11, 2015 

It a move that can only set back relations between the United States and Cuba, Paris Hilton traveled to the island and met up with Fidel Castro’s son Fidel Jr., (known as Fidelito). The nuclear physicist son of the ailing president/dictator was on hand at the world famous Havana Cigar Festival and was forced to….

Fidel Castro Meets With The Cuban Five

March 04, 2015 

Yes, friends Fidel Castro is still alive. He was photographed meeting with the so-called Cuban Five over the weekend. Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, René González, and Fernando González spent several years in an American jail for spying for Cuba, a charge the Cuban government has always denied. The five were released as a….

‘Mr. White Sox’ Outfielder Minnie Minoso Dies

March 04, 2015 

Minnie Minoso was the first black Latin American player in the major leagues. Through out his career, he was a hugely popular Cuban All-Star outfielder. Minoso was often cited as the only modern major leaguer to play in five decades. His career stats include 1,963 hits, 186 home runs 205 stolen bases and led the….

The Red Sox Sign Cuban Player Yoan Moncada

February 25, 2015 

The Red Sox Signed Cuban player Yoan Moncada with a record breaking 31.5 million dollar bonus this week. The Yankees and other teams had been fawning over Moncada since he showed what he could do at an international tournament in Rotterdam, Netherlands. Moncada left Cuba 14 months ago legally and was waiting in Guatemala for….

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