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Fidel Castro Speaks Out On Change in U.S. Policy

January 27, 2015 

Former Cuban president and bearded dictator Fidel Castro has finally spoken about the change in American policy toward Cuba. The former leader, who retired in 2008 in favor of his brother Raul, was until recently rumored to be dead. He recently wrote a letter to his friend soccer legend Diego Maradona to prove he was….

President Obama Discusses Cuba Policy at State Of The Union

State Of Union
January 21, 2015 

In last night’s State of the Union address President Obama discussed his controversial normalization of relations with Cuba at length. Possibly the most surprising development is that he asked Congress directly to lift the fifty-year-old trade embargo. He started off by explaining his thinking on why it is time for a change in Cuban foreign….

Fidel Castro Writes Maradona A Letter To Prove He’s Not Dead

Fidel Castro, Diego Maradona
January 13, 2015 

There were rumors circulating that former Cuban dictoator Fidel Castro had died. These rumors pop up at least once a year, mostly as wishful thinking on the part of the Miami Cuban exile community. Castro had not been seen for some time as he mostly just hangs out indoors and wears track suits. But he….

Cuban Santeros Make Their Predictions For The Coming Year

Lazaro Cuesta
January 05, 2015 

    A group of Santeria priests in Cuba, known as babalawos, has made their yearly prediction for the coming year. This is particularly poignant following the announcement by president Obama that he is going to seek normalizing relations between the two countries. This particular issue was most pressing on the minds of Cubans on….

What Does Obama’s New Cuba Policy Mean To Cuban Americans?

December 22, 2014 

Last week President Obama announced a completely new strategy for dealing with Cuba and its 55-year-old communist government. Clearly, any changes in Cuban policy were going to be controversial. Since 1961 the United States has had a trade embargo placed on the island nation, since shortly before the disasterous Bay of Pigs invasion. This made….

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