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Venezuela Promoting Barbie/Socialism

November 17, 2014 

In a move that has some people scratching their heads, Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro has made it easier to buy Barbie dolls. The quasi-socialist country has a history of putting price caps on certain items to make it easier for the masses to buy them. Things like gasoline, for example. Now, just in time for….

Cuban Defector Jose Abreu Named Rookie Of The Year

November 11, 2014 

Cuban baseball player Jose Abreu was unanimously named the American League rookie of the year by the Baseball Writers’ Association of America. 27-year-old Abreu had a .581 slugging percentage, a .317 batting average, 36 home runs, and 107 RBIs. That’s pretty amazing considering the fact that two years ago Abreu wasn’t even in the American….

We Now Have The Most Latino Congress Ever

Congressional Hispanic Caucus
November 10, 2014 

Now that all the votes have been counted from last week’s midterm election it is official: the most Latinos ever have been elected to congress. There will be 29 Latinos in the House of Representatives and three in the Senate when the 2015 congress convenes. Most of them are Democrats though a surprising amount are….

What Last Night’s Election Means For Latinos

November 05, 2014 

In yesterday’s midterm elections the Republicans won several seats in both the House and the Senate putting them firmly in control of congress. They also made gains in several gubernatorial races across the country. But the question a lot of people are asking today is what impact will this change have on the immigration debate….

Jose Canseco Injured In Shooting Accident

October 29, 2014 

Baseball legend Jose Canseco seriously injured his left hand when he accidentally shot himself while cleaning his gun. Apparently, Jose was doing some firearm maintenance in the kitchen, like you do, and didn’t follow the first rule of gun safety: make sure the gun isn’t loaded. Canseco had emergency surgery to save his finger but….

Sonia Sotomayor Says “Never Dance With A Cuban”

October 28, 2014 

I want to start off by saying that I have a tremendous amount of respect for Sonia Sotomayor. She is a wise and kind judge that’s made the Supreme Court better with her presence. As the first Latina on the court, she is a true trailblazer. I’ve heard her speak and she’s truly inspiring. But….

Pitbull to Host American Music Awards Again

October 23, 2014 

After hosting the 2013 American Music Awards, the Cuban American superstar, Pitbull, will return again as host of the 2015 American Music Awards. It looks like Putbull, did something correct the first time around with a rating success. Last years awards attracted 12.93 million total viewers, which is the best ratings in four years. The….

Cuba’s Iconic Classic Cars Getting Restored

October 20, 2014 

Cuba’s hundreds of classic American cars are getting a much needed makeover thanks in part to the changes in Cuba’s economic sector. I’ve been to Cuba and what you have heard about the classic cars is true. People still drive around in ’57 Chevys or old Plymouths. After the American embargo took effect in 1961,….

Happy Columbus Day?

October 13, 2014 

The other day I was in a meeting when an older Italian-American member of our organization started, very proudly, telling us about how he was going to march in the New York City Columbus Day parade today. He said, “because everyone is Italian on Columbus Day”. Now, I don’t mean to imply that he is….

The Most Feared Monsters In Latin America: El Cuco

October 10, 2014 

There are so many legends and monsters throughout Latin America, some of which have been used by parents to scare their kids into eating their dinner, behaving good and going to sleep. With Halloween right around the corner we will be taking a look at a different Latin American monster. El Cuco or El Viejo….

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