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Fidel Castro Dies At 90

November 26, 2016 

What many thought was impossible occurred last night, Fidel Castro has passed away at the age of 90. It was announced on Cuban television by Fidel’s brother Cuban president Raul Castro that Fidel had died peacefully. There was no discussion of what exactly he died of but Fidel had been in poor health for many….

Fidel Castro Meets With The Cuban Five

March 04, 2015 

Yes, friends Fidel Castro is still alive. He was photographed meeting with the so-called Cuban Five over the weekend. Gerardo Hernández, Ramón Labañino, Antonio Guerrero, René González, and Fernando González spent several years in an American jail for spying for Cuba, a charge the Cuban government has always denied. The five were released as a….

Cuba Releases New Photos of Fidel Castro

February 05, 2015 

With so many rumors that Fidel Castro is on his last breath or may have already died, Cuba’s Communist Party newspaper Granma recently publish photos of the aging former Cuban leader. The article, titled “Fidel is one of a kind” published about 20 pictures of the 88-year-old Castro. The release of the pictures has become….

Fidel Castro Speaks Out On Change in U.S. Policy

January 27, 2015 

Former Cuban president and bearded dictator Fidel Castro has finally spoken about the change in American policy toward Cuba. The former leader, who retired in 2008 in favor of his brother Raul, was until recently rumored to be dead. He recently wrote a letter to his friend soccer legend Diego Maradona to prove he was….

Fidel Castro Writes Maradona A Letter To Prove He’s Not Dead

January 13, 2015 

There were rumors circulating that former Cuban dictoator Fidel Castro had died. These rumors pop up at least once a year, mostly as wishful thinking on the part of the Miami Cuban exile community. Castro had not been seen for some time as he mostly just hangs out indoors and wears track suits. But he….