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Low Points In Latino History: ‘The Mind of Mencia’

August 13, 2018 

Some people are famous due to years of talent, hard work, and a little bit of luck. Other people are famous because they are someone’s daughter or son, (we’re looking at you Sofia Coppola). Carlos Mencia is famous because he sold his soul to the Devil. He laid down on the ground in a dirty….

Muy Funny: The Best Latino Stand-Ups

March 13, 2017 

Doing stand-up comedy is a hard and thankless job. You travel from city to city, staying in dingy motels where someone probably got murdered. Then you go to some crappy club and try to make 15 drunken yahoos laugh. If you are lucky, you make it big and break into movies. If you don’t make….

George Lopez Goes Nuclear On Heckler

February 08, 2017 

Latino comedian and all around pain in the ass George Lopez went off on a heckler at one of his shows recently. The footage was released by TMZ and is very much NSFW. I have done comedy myself and I can tell you that the heckler is a comedian’s worst nightmare. They are usually just….

Carlos Mencia’s Comedy Special “New Territory” Is More Of The Same

December 06, 2011 

Managing editor Fidel Martinez reviews Carlos Mencia’s new comedy special entitled “New Territory.”

George Lopez Makes A Fool Of Himself On Conan’s Show

November 30, 2010 

(Not so) Funny man George Lopez made an appearance on Conan to show his new TBS co-worker some moral support and to…¬†propagate racial stereotypes about Latinos? In the seven minute long segment, Lopez made a joke about Hispanics having large families, fitting a lot of people into one car, stealing cable, and Guatemalans. Surprisingly, however,….