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Our Five Favorite Luis Guzman Performances

September 28, 2011 

In an industry built on looks, it’s somewhat surprising that Luis Guzman would have a Hollywood career. He’s pudgy and has a face like a bulldog. Despite all of this (or because of it), the lovable actor has become one of the most prominent role players in film. In honor of his accomplishment we’ve compiled our five favorite acting performances.

Like Your Christmas Tree? Thank A Mexican

December 25, 2018 

Right now, families all over our great country are still enjoying their Christmas trees. For many of us, decorating the tree is one of the best parts of the holiday season. And who should you thank for the opportunity to partake in this great tradition? A Mexican. Here’s a fun fact: most of the Christmas….

Who Should Play Pancho Villa?

April 13, 2018 

Johnny Depp has backed out of starring in the upcoming Pancho Villa biopic. We think it’s for the best. We aren’t knocking ‘Ol Johnny. He’s a good actor, but we think Pancho Villa should be played by a Latino. There is no reason why Villa has to be played by a white dude. Gone are….

Five Stereotypical Talking Chihuahuas

September 23, 2017 

Fact #1: America loves movies with talking animals. We don’t entirely understand this fascination with anthropomorphic creatures, but Hollywood is more than happy to satiate this terrible obsession by releasing more than a handful of terrible movies a year featuring CGI-ed cats and dogs. Fact #2: If the movie in question features talking dogs, you….

Hollywood’s Favorite Latino Stereotypes

June 12, 2017 

There are quite a few people out there that rail against the rise of political correctness. While we admit that sometimes it can go too far, the people who really have a problem with it are usually just mad because they can’t make racist jokes at the office. These same people will usually tell you….