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Machete and his amigos Premieres Today

October 11, 2013 

Danny Trejo once again reprises his role as Machete in Robert Rodriguez’s action movie Machete Kills. In this sequel Machete is hired by the government of the United States to track an eccentric billionaire arms dealer in Mexico who is planning to launch a weapon into space. Most of the cast is made up of….

Machete Kills Girl Of The Day Sofia Vergara

October 11, 2013 

Machete Kills premieres in all theaters today, so why not make hot Sofia Vergara the girl of the day. Machete Kills is an upcoming 2013 American exploitation action film directed, produced, co-written, cinematographied and co-edited by Robert Rodriguez. Sofia Vergara dazzles as she joins Alexa Vega and Mel Gibson at the Los Angeles premiere of her new….

5 Ideas For “Machete” Sequels

October 09, 2013 

Machete Kills comes out on Friday and I can’t wait to see what hilarious hijinks old Machete gets into this time. Rodriguez is supposed to be making it a trilogy, but I say why stop there? Machete can be a Latino James Bond and have an infinite amount of adventures. There have been 26 Bond….

The Ladies Of “Machete Kills”

October 08, 2013 

Machete Kills opens this Friday and we here at Tu Vez cannot friggin’ wait. The first Machete was a masterpiece of violence, comedy, and Steven Seagal’s bad Mexican accent, (“Ehhh, pendejo”). Danny Trejo is, of course, a badass and will be up there with Stallone and Schwarzenegger as one of the great action heroes. But,….

Man Attacks Dude With A Machete At a Jersey Chicken Joint

November 02, 2011 

Holy insanity, Batman! Three dudes– two of them Hispanic– in Paterson, New Jersey viciously attacked a man with a machete at a chicken fast food establishment named U.S. Chicken for…well, for no real valid reason whatsoever! According to Primer Impacto, that Peabody-worthy Univision news program, Omar Villolta, Joel Gomez, and Tyrese Seagers were captured by the restaurant’s….

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