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The Chuntarito/Mexican Pointy Boots Video That Will Crush Your Soul

October 31, 2011 

This chuntarito/Mexican pointy boots fad just won’t die. Above is the latest embarrassing video to come from this… I don’t know, movement, fashion fad, whatever the hell it is. Watching this video makes me think of an Onion article in which they predicted the nadir– the lowest point– of Western Civilization. Well, I’m calling it. October 31,….

House Chuntaritos Spoof

January 26, 2012 

Unlike the “Sh*t __________ Says,” the online fascination with chuntaritos and their pointy boots is a meme we’ll never get tired of. The latest entry that pays homage/mocks this cultural phenomena coming from Mexico is this video of Dr. House rocking the elf-like shoes and rocking a boombox blasting 3BALLMTY’s “Intentalo.” Nice moves there, doctor…..

2012 New Year’s Resolution List For The Latino Community

January 02, 2012 

The start of a new year is a perfect time to stop and think about the things we want to accomplish. So as to ensure that the Latino community makes the most of 2012, we’ve come up with six suggestions to work on over the next 365 days.

Mexican Techno/Cumbia Tribal Music Stars 3BallMTY’s “Intentalo”

September 13, 2011 

There is some pretty cool musical goings-on happening in Monterrey, Mexico. We’ve told you about the Colombian cumbia subculture of the Cholombianos and the bizarre long pointy boots in vogue in Monterrey. Related to both is a rising dance music called tribal. It is a mix of cumbia, Mexican pop, and techno beats. Imagine if….

This Is The Best Chuntarito Related Item You’ll Ever See

November 01, 2011 

Our co-worker Brian made this after watching that awful, awful video we posted. It’s sheer genius. Very rarely do we say “Damn, that idea is so great, we wish it was ours!”