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A Look Back: Mexico Crushes The USA 5-0 In 2009 Gold Cup Final

El Tri and the United States are facing tomorrow for the 60th time in their rivaled history in Philadelphia. The friendly (really, though, we agree with Freddy Adu: there’s no such thing as a friendly with Mexico) will be Jurgen Klinsmann’s first as head of the USMNT.

To get you excited for the match, we’re bringing you some blasts from the recent past. Yesterday’s was from the 2002 World Cup, a match that saw Mexico lose yet again in the quarterfinals of the grandest tournament. Today, for the Mexican fans, it’s the 2009 CONCACAF Gold Cup final.

Going into the final match of the CONCACAF tournament, Mexico had not defeated the USMNT in the United States in over a decade, and just once since the 2002 World Cup (March 27, 2005. 2006 WC qualifier in Estadio Azteca). The Americans were just the better team. Mexico was in disarray, having gone through three managers (Ricardo La Volpe, Hugo Sanchez, and road warrior Sven-Göran Eriksson) before going back to Javier Aguirre.

The U.S. cruised through their group stage, winning their first two matches and tying the last one. Mexico also had an easy path to the quarterfinals. The only slip up was a 1-1 draw against Panama that saw Javier Aguirre lose his cool and kick player Ricardo Phillips during a contested ball close to the Mexican bench. El Vasco was, of course, suspended for a couple of games. At the time, Aguirre’s act of frustration seemed like Mexico was doomed to lose yet again to their American rivals.

And then July 26, 2009 happened. The Mexican squad– a combination of young players (Gio Dos Santos, Carlos Vela, Pablo Barrera) and some experienced players (Guillermo «El Guille» Franco)– went up against what many called the USMNT’s B squad at Giants Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The first half was uneventful. Though there were some scoring opportunities, neither side was able to capitalize.The second half was a completely different story.

If the United States defense was an iron curtain in the first 45 minutes, they were as porous as The Border for the remainder of the match. Gerardo Torrado made it 1-0 in the 56th minute. Six minutes later, Gio Dos Santos made it 2-0.  Not wanting to be left out, Carlos Vela added another five minutes after his 2005 FIFA U-17 World Championship teammate.  At this point, the United States had no chance. Any further scores would be nothing more than throwing salt on an open wound. Mexico still had two fistfuls left. Goal cuatro came courtesy of El Gringo Castro and the final one was an eff-you goal by Guillermo Franco, the most maligned player on either squad («Why was he called up?! What is wrong with you, Aguirre?» fans would say).

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