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ABC And Univision Launch English Language Fusion Network

ABC and Univision have teamed up to create a new English language network called Fusion which launches Monday October, 28. The network will feature news, comedy, and lifestyle programming aimed at the Millennial American Latino. The idea is that Latinos that either came here as kids or were born in the States are straddling both worlds, one foot in the old and one in the new. Many American Latinos don’t speak Spanish, or speak very little, which keeps them from watching channels like Univision. The American Latino overwhelmingly gets their media content in English. That’s where Fusion comes in with their…er…fusion of American and Latino culture. They will have straight news programming like a show at 8pm, starring the Latino silver fox, Jorge Ramos, as well as a satirical news show in the vein of The Daily Show called Open Source with Leon Krauze. It will also feature a news style show with characters from The Jim Henson Company doing very adult things. The network will launch with its early morning program The Morning Show starring Pedro Andrade, Mariana Atencio and Yannis Pappas.

The network has been in the works for a couple of years now while ABC and Univision worked out all of the kinks and assembled the right team to lead it. Their head of programming is Billy Kimball who helped launch The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn Show and used to work on The Simpsons. David Javerbaum, who was a former executive producer at The Daily Show, is in charge of several of their satire pieces. The network’s website,, is also up and running and will feature original content and stories as well as programming from the network. Our very own Fidel Martinez is working on the site as its modern life reporter and earlier this year Tu Vez’s Jack Tomas co-produced, directed, and co-starred in the web-series The Jack and Alex Show .

The question is, will it succeed? In a cable landscape full of options will a network aimed at the niche demographic of the English-speaking American Latino survive? Only time will tell. Their array of programming certainly seems intriguing and something that would appeal to the American Latino, especially the coveted millennial demographic. We certainly wish them the best. Fusion launches Monday, October 28 at 7am EST. Set your DVRs and tell abuela to watch…if she speaks English.

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