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Adidas Misspells Colombia as Columbia on Ads


Los Colombianos are not very happy with Adidas because in their latest Copa América campaign Adidas misspells Colombia. The ad for Colombia’s national soccer team’s new home jerseys features four of the team’s stars, including World Cups top scorer James Rodríguez, but what stands out is not the star players but the world Columbia. Adidas also misspelled the country’s name on its website, which has since been corrected.


Al paracer the misspelling is so common it inspired a group of Colombians to start the social media campaign #ItsColombiaNotColumbia. No puedo creer que a multi-billion dollar company, como Adidas, no pueda correctamente deletrear the national campaign of the country’s team they are trying to promote and drive revenue from their name. People remember its Colombia not Columbia!

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