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¡Adios Starbucks!

Starbucks is one of the worlds top brands with a value estimated at $55.94 billion. But since President Donald Trump has signed an executive order to build the wall and has gone as far as threatening auto makers with a “border tax” if they build cars in Mexico, a new trend has hit las redes sociales en Mexico where the user posts “Adiós Starbucks.”

So far there have been 701 thousand posts on Twitter, and Adiós Starbucks has turned into a call to action to all Mexican consumers to boycott Starbucks and instead consume Mexican coffee y marcas nacionales como Punta de Cielo.

This could be the beginning of a total boycott of U.S. products in Mexico which could cause a loss in the millions. Al parecer las decisiones de Donald Trump se están convirtiendo en doble filo.

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