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Adriana Lima To Wear A 2 Million Dollar Bra For Victoria’s Secret

Adriana Lima and Alessandra Ambrosio will be sporting some very expensive underwear for Victoria’s Secret. These aren’t the regular pricey frilly things the store normally sells. They are a pair of “fantasy bras” designed by Pascal Mouawad and they are pretty spectacular. They are encrusted with diamonds, saphires, and rubies sewn in a complex pattern in a set that also has arm bands and a garter belt all held together in 24 karat gold. Each set is worth over two million dollars. The pieces have an Arabic flair to them and look like something Jasmine might have worn on her wedding night with Aladdin. They are fantasy bras after all. Every year Victoria’s Secret creates these expensive bits of lingerie and picks two women to show them off. This is the first year that two Latinas have been chosen for the honor.

The most expensive set ever worn was a 12.5 million dollar pair worn by Giselle Bundchen and Heidi Klum. While some might see this as a huge waste of money, and it is, no one can deny that they look amazing.

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