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Aimee Garcia Unexpectedly Cast In New RoboCop Movie

Aimee Garcia’s role as a scientist in the new RoboCop movie came as a surprise to many people, including herself. But not for the normal reasons. You see, Aimee Garcia is Latino and the scientist role was originally intended specifically for an Asian actress, you know, the race that we all know and love for being good at science-type stuff. I applaud their brave casting! This is a movie that takes place in the year 2028, a time when artificially intelligent cyborgs enforce the law using futuristic weapons and vehicles. All that, and still the producers felt having a Latino play a scientist might be too much of a stretch for the audience’s imagination? That seems odd. Especially when taking into account that RoboCop was directed by the native Brazilian Jose Padilha. I’m not saying Jose should have just given her the RoboCop role to keep it in the family, but Padilha should know, as much as anyone should, that Latino’s are quite capable when it comes to doing things outside the normal stereotypes. We’re not all field workers and palm reading witch hunters. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Speaking of stereotypes, casting was originally told to hire an Asian actress to play the scientist? Just any old Asian actress? I can’t help but wonder what the memo to casting might have said: “Get us an Asian women to play a scientist for the umpteenth time. Be sure to get one that looks like they think a lot, but not too much, we don’t want make-up to have to cover up worry lines and crows feet. Also, they have to look bangin’ in a polyester lab coat.” It’s okay, Hollywood. Audiences are not going to freak out if you don’t give us a paint by numbers cast for every blockbuster movie. We can handle diversity. Unless you’re talking about a Coca-Cola commercial.

That said, I’m excited to see the new RoboCop movie when it comes out next Wednesday, February 12th. I’m not one to give Valentine’s advice, but I think this will make a great date movie. Nothing says love like armor piercing bullets and dismemberment. Until then, I’m going to back to watching another show that featured a Latino in a prominent role, Chips. Or as I call it, LatinoCop.

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