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Al Madrigal Repping Latinos On The Daily Show

Last night, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart presented their first ever Latino correspondent: Al Madrigal. If you’re unfamiliar with his work (he’s a stand up comedian from San Francisco and of Mexican origin), you’re missing out. The dude is straight up funny and for the most part– unlike George Lopez— avoids making stereotypical and detrimental jokes about Hispanics in his routines. But instead of us telling you how funny he is, how’s about you watch The Daily Show’s Senior Latino Correspondent’s… er, Señor Latino Correspondent’s (sorry, Al) inaugural segment? Check it:

You know what? That was awesome for two reasons. First of all, mad props to The Daily Show for making fun of itself. The program, as Al hilariously pointed out, has been on the air for more than 12 years and yet in that time a lot of unfunny and undeserving people (Olivia Munn, everyone?) have made appearances on the show. No Latino person, however, has been given a chance before. At last not until yesterday. Hopefully, that wrong will be hilariously righted on a very regular basis.

Secondly, we’re happy that The Daily Show picked Al Madrigal over someone more conventional– ie, stereotypical and/or not funny. Why? Because the program, which has millions of viewers, can show mainstream America that not all Hispanics are of the George Lopez mold. There are a crapload of hilarious Hispanic comedians who don’t put down their race for a cheap laugh. As curators of the internet, we  admit that we should make a concerted effort to push and promote these guys on our space. That’s our bad. Much like The Daily Show, we’ll work on fixing that.

In the meantime, instead of taking your third siesta of the day, check out Al doing stand up below:

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