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America Ferrera Ambushed By Prankster At Cannes

The lovely America Ferrera was pranked by Ukranian “journalist” Vitalii Sediuk. While America was on the red carpet giving an interview with her How To Train A Dragon 2 co-stars, Sediuk crawled underneath her dress and hid there. At first, America was unaware of what was going on. Security quickly showed up to pull the d-bag from under her skirt and throw him out of the event.This guy makes it a habit of ambushing celebrities at red carpet events with stupid behavior. He once tried to kiss Will Smith at a movie premiere and almost got his butt kicked. He also hugged Bradley Cooper around the legs at the SAG Awards. Sediuk is dismissed as a harmless prankster, but this one seems egregious. No man should go under a woman’s dress unless he gets an invitation. Call me old fashioned, but that’s what I think.

I’m also not sure what this guy is trying to prove with his antics. That we’re all obsessed with celebrities? That security at these events sucks? That the word journalist is too easily thrown around? I hope they charge this a-hole with attempted sexual assault and ship him back to the Ukraine.

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