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On Anchor Babies And Jeb Bush

Presidential candidate Jeb Bush brought back a term that many people, especially those of us that are the first generation children of immigrants, find very offensive. I’m talking about the right-wing political paranoid idea known as the anchor baby. The term came out a few years ago during the 2012 election to describe a practice that is questionable at best. The idea is that undocumented immigrants come to the United States and immediately have a baby that is a United States citizen thereby “anchoring” them to the United States. The belief is that the parents of a U.S. citizen are less likely to be deported, which is of course wrong. Thousands of undocumented immigrants with American born children get deported all the time. Bush is joining the bandwagon of many GOP candidates that want to eliminate the natural-born citizenship clause in the 14th amendment. In other words, just because you are born in the U.S. wouldn’t necessarily ensure that you are a citizen.

Let’s forget the fact that it is completely unconstitutional for a minute. What would that mean historically if the children of immigrants born in the United States weren’t considered American citizens? That would mean that millions of kids that have immigrant parents wouldn’t be citizens? That would exclude me but also Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz. Or is it just the kids of so called “illegal immigrants”, as the GOP insists on calling undocumented workers. Either way, it kind of goes against the whole meaning of the American immigrant experience. The point is that you move to the United States to give you and your kids a better life. That’s why my family came and probably your family as well. Not all of us have been rich, White, New Englanders like the Bushes.

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