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Apple Announces Apple Watch and Iphone 6

Tim Cook unveiled the latest Apple doodad for you to spend your hard earned money on in Cupertino yesterday. A crowd of Apple employees and fanatics were to cheer on Cook as he first showed off the new iPhone 6. It will be bigger than the previous iPhones with a much bigger screen and come in two sizes, slightly too big for your hand and giant and uncomfortable. Apple is trying to match the screen real estate of its greatest rival, the Samsung Galaxy line. Basically, the idea is that the phone will be something between a smartphone and a tablet. Why you can’t just have the two things separately is a question I don’t know the answer to. They also showed off the new Apple Pay system in which you can pay for things with your phone and can jettison the clunky wallet. That way if you lose your phone it will be even easier for someone to steal your identity.

But the real news, the one that made the internet go insane, was the new Apple Watch. They joined Sony, Nike, and other companies in offering a fancy hunk of plastic you can wear on your wrist that monitors your vital statistics and allowing you to sync everything to your phone. It will monitor your heart rate, calories burned, steps taken, etc. as well as letting you access your contacts, talk to Siri, and check your email. The watch is truly a design marvel. I might have to splurge and get one of these if for nothing else than I always wanted a communicator on my wrist like in old sci-fi movies. The future is today!

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