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Argentinian Designer Wins Big At Independent Video Games Festival

In an industry comprised mostly of American and Japanese programmers, an Argentinian won the top prize at the Independent Games Festival. Daniel Benmergui beat all the other designers for his game «Storyteller». The 14 year old gathering of video game designers was held in San Francisco last week. The festival celebrates games that were created outside of the mainstream video game industry. It’s sort of like a Sundance for video games, only with less celebrities and more BO.

«Storyteller» allows players to create their own stories using stock characters. Video games have long sought to create user driven stories, and «Storyteller» delivers. It’s such a simple game, but that’s where it’s brilliance shines through. Unlike a lot of the complex games for the XBox, Wii, or Playstation, anyone can master «Storyteller» in seconds. Play it for yourself here.

Via CNN.

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