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Ariana Grande’s Concert Attacked By Suicide Bomber

Terrible news to report from Ariana Grande’s world tour. Ariana was on tour in the UK promoting her “Dangerous Woman” album and just after finishing her concert in Manchester England a bomb went off killing 22 and injuring 59 concert goers.

Ariana Grande took to Twitter and responded “broken. from the bottom of my heart, i am so so sorry. i don’t have words.” Her manager, Scooter Braun also tweeted “Tonight, our hearts are broken. Words cannot express our sorrow for the victims and families harmed in this senseless attack,” Braun wrote. “We mourn the lives of children and loved ones taken by this cowardly act. We are thankful for the selfless service tonight of Manchester’s first responders who rushed towards danger to help save lives. We ask all of you to hold the victims, their families, and all those affected in your hearts and prayers.”

Grande’s reps confirmed that she is ok and as expected the rest of her concerts have been canceled.

Pero que paso? British police said an explosion occurred in the foyer of the Manchester Arena at 10:30 p.m., around the time the concert finished. Isis has claimed responsibility for the bombing as a suicide bomber kills himself.

It is so sad to see events like this happen. It seems that we can’t go out and enjoy a place or an event without thinking twice, what if. Our condolences for the victims and their families.

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