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Avocado Supplies Would Run Out If Trump Closes The Border

With the threat of Trump closing the border, the American food supply could be impacted. The United States Department of Agriculture says that nearly half of all imported vegetables and 40 percent of imported fruits are grown in Mexico.

One of the fruits most impacted would be the avocado. Steve Barnard, the president of Mission Produce, the largest distributor and grower of avocados in the world, told Reuters that because Mexico supplies most of the avocados sold in the U.S. at this time of year, closing the border would mean running out of avocados in as little as three weeks. That also means paying higher prices for fruits and vegetables until they run out.

California’s growing season is just starting, so avocados grown there wouldn’t be ready for another month or so. Other produce that could be in short supply include tomatoes, cucumbers, blackberries, and raspberries, the majority of which all currently come from Mexico.

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