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Banda El Recodo Musician Aldo Sarabia Gone Missing

The Mexican musician Aldo Sarabia has gone missing since Monday, October 13th. He is part of popular band Banda El Recodo, which they have been trying to find him through social media.

His unusual disappearance is causing great worry from his family, band members and his fans. There are so many theories of what could have happen to Sarabia. Could his disappearance be related with the cartel, has he been kidnaped or has he had an accident? His disappearance comes as a former band member,Carlos Soto Beltran, died after his fight with Leukemia. Hopefully Sarabia will turn out fine and re-join the band. The band was founded in the late 1930s in Sinaloa by the late Cruz Lizarraga. EFE

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