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Banksied! The Top 15 New York City Banksy Murals

Graffiti artist Banksy has been spray painting and pasting his way across New York City for the last month and the city is all worked up about it. Some people love it and line up for hours to look at his latest piece. Other people see it as simple vandalism not worth keeping. Many of the murals have already been defaced because, welcome to New York ass%#le! Mayor Mike Bloomberg has called Banksy’s work “not art“. Banksy has further raised eyebrows by slamming the new World Trade Center as an eyesore and that if it stays up the “terrorists won“. I’m not crazy about the building myself but that’s going a little bit too far. Either way here are the top 15 of his New York murals and where to find them. So far I’ve seen Reaper and Concrete Confessional. Pretty cool, mangs. Tell us what you think.

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Ghetto 4 Life465 135th st, Bronx

Twin TowersJay st. and Staple st. , Manhattan

Bridge SillhouettesGraham ave. and Cook st., Brooklyn

Peeing Dog24th st. and 6th ave., Manhattan

Sirens of the LambsMeatpacking District, Manhattan

Graffiti is a CrimeAllen st. btw Canal St. and Hester st., Manhattan

Robot2812 Stillwell ave., Brooklyn

Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club641 West 57th st., Manhattan

 McDonald’s1600 Boston rd., Bronx

 Mobile GardenAstor Place, Manhattan

 Concrete Confessional7th st. and Cooper sq., Manhattan

ReaperElizabeth st. and Houston st., Manhattan

Dirty Underwear: The Musical204 Bushwick ave., Brooklyn

 Boy With HammerWest 79th st. and Broadway, Manhattan

 This is my New York Accent25th st. btw 10th ave and 11th ave, Manhattan

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