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Barcelona Lionel Messi Destroys Real Madrid In Champions League Semis

Spanish clubs FC Barcelona and Real Madrid CF faced off yesterday for the fourth “El Clasico” of this season in the first round of the UEFA Champions League semifinals. As is usually the case when these two clubs face each other, the match was a hotly contested affair in which tempers were lost (three red cards were issued: defenseman Pepe and head coach Jose Mourinho on the Real Madrid side, and one for back up goalie Jose Pinto on the Barça side), heated moments were had, and Lionel Messi scored. That’s right. Lionel Messi– hands down the best player in the world [ed. note: we feel compelled to mention this fact every time we write his name in case any of you try to act a fool and say otherwise. Don’t get it twisted.]– gave the Catalan squad a 2-0 advantage going into the second leg of the semifinals.

The first goal came courtesy of a great low cross from Ibrahim Afellay in the 76th minute. Messi found himself in the right place at the right time and simply pushed it past Iker Casillas.

The second–and most impressive– score came eleven minutes after. The unstoppable Argentine took the ball near the middle of the pitch, dribbled and blew past five (half of Real Madrid’s squad at the time!) defenders before capping his great run with a right-footed blast, betting Casillas yet again.

We’re tempted to call his second notch Maradona-like but, given that the Barça striker does this with such frequency,that would be an injustice to the Messi. The two clubs will face each other again next week for the second leg at Barcelona’s Camp Nou.

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