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All The Goals From The Barcelona-Real Madrid Match

Spanish clubs Barcelona FC and Real Madrid squared off yesterday at the Camp Nou for the 2010 edition of “El Clasico.” It was a one-sided affair. Like, 5-0 one-sided. Still, that doesn’t mean that the match itself wasn’t fun. On the contrary. Watching what’s arguably the best club in the world (seriously, who’s better?) beat the living crap out of a team that has become soccer’s New York Yankees– as in they buy up the best players in the world in hopes of championships– was a fantastic footballistic experience. Without further ado, watch Barça do their thing:

Also noteworthy was watching several Real Madrid players lose their cool. Amongst them was none other than pretty boy and perennial contender for the “Douchiest Athlete In The World” award Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese model who sometimes plays soccer shoved Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola. You stay classy, C-Ron.

But the shove doesn’t compare to Sergio Ramos blowing a fuse. After fouling Lionel Messi, the Real Madrid defender showed Barça’s Puyol and got his ass ejected.

All in all, the match was all kinds of fun particularly because nothing brings us more joy than that petulant look Cristiano Ronaldo gets when things don’t go his way. Well, maybe a unicorn pooping drugs and booze.

video via Dirty Tackle

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