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Behold Danny Trejo’s Full Snickers Super Bowl Ad

Last week ” target=”_blank”>we told you that one of our favorite actors, Danny Trejo, was going to appear as Marcia Brady in a Snickers ad during the Super Bowl. Well, he didn’t disappoint. In the teaser we should you last week we see Danny brushing his long luxurious hair just like Marcia used to do. In the Super Bowl ad Danny is arguing with her (Marcia’s) parents, Mr. and Mrs. Brady. It’s taken from the famous Brady Bunch episode in which Marcia gets hit in the face with a football right before the big school dance. There is also a surprise cameo by Steve Buscemi. The ads during the Super Bowl have almost eclipsed the game for a lot of people and this year’s batch was pretty lame in general. This one was definitely the best one. Like, hands down. And I f you don’t agree, Danny will be paying you a visit.

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