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Behold Taco Bell’s Sriracha Menu

That bastion of late night drunken dining Taco Bell has just announced a menu revolving around that magical thai rooster sauce known as sriracha. One might question why a place that pretends to be Mexican would have an entire menu revolving around an Asian hot sauce. Well, as I said they only “pretend” to be Mexican. Some of the items you can get are the Sriracha Beef Griller, Sriracha Nachos, A Sriracha Quesaritto, and a breakfast Sriracha scrambler. Taco Bell is no doubt riding the wave of recent popularity of the spicy red condiment. I don’t know how it is where you live, but here in New York City sriracha is everywhere. Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff myself and put it on everything. I’ve been a fan since my college days when a $1.39 bottle would last you six months.

The only problem is that I also love Taco Bell’s fire sauce. I mean, when you already have your own beloved proprietary hot sauce why do you need to go messing with some other stuff. It’s like Taco Bell is cheating on itself with sriracha. When I go to Taco Bell I want to get my tacos or whatever and drown them in fire sauce. That tastes like my youth and nights of drunken college revelry. I’ll try some of these items and report back with how they taste. Please send Tums.

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