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Behold The Nuevo Cumbia Magic Of Metralleta De Oro

Imagine a Latin club, the kind of place your sleazy uncle might go to pick up bored divorcees. But on this night it’s full of young Mexicans and Central Americans. The music has a thumping old school cumbia bassline mixed with sounds from radio and other media. Old Mexican movies and cartoons are projected on a screen behind the DJ stand. The DJ’s wear thick Run DMC era gold chains with gold AK-47 hanging from them. Then you, my friend, are at a Metralleta de Oro show!

DJ Fondo, DJ Fuego, and DJ Sumo grew up listening to cumbia in their LA neighborhoods. They’ve become part of a movement called Nuevo Cumbia in which the classic cumbia music of Mexican and Central American culture has been appropriated and filtered through the funnel of American dance music. As DJ Fondo explains,

“Cumbia’s heavy bass hits hard man, just like hip hop’s [bass}. I grew up listening to this stuff at family parties and quinceañeras my whole life, so why not glorify it with chains?”

The result is a sonic treat that makes your brain thump. I’ve been listening to them all morning and I’m starting to hallucinate, but in a good way. We’re going to keep an eye on these guys.

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