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Behold The The Biggest Collection Of Frida Kahlo’s Work (Made In China)

The largest collection of the art and life of the great Mexican painter Frida Kahlo is now on view in Naval Training Center at Liberty Station in Point Loma, California. The brochure boasts “This is the only exhibition worldwide where Frida Kahlo’s paintings can be seen in one place. Some paintings, especially from Kahlo’s early years, have never before been seen.” Sounds awesome, right? But hold on there, Fridaphiles. Not one of the works was produced by Frida herself. All of the paintings and artwork were created by anonymous Chinese artists for two sketchy German collectors named Hans-Jürgen Gehrke and Dr. Mariella Remund. This is art through Chinese sweatshop labor. I imagine four little kids in a warehouse somewhere who don’t get fed unless they properly captured Frida’s unibrow.

But reading the description you are led to believe that the paintings are authentic. You don’t find out the truth until you get there. It’s art fraudish not out and out artistic plagiarism. It’s like going to Chinatown and buying a Louise Veeton or Prodo purse and trying to pass it off as real. No, thanks. When it comes to Frida, accept no substitutes.

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