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Video: Justin Bieber Asleep In Brazilian Brothel?

Thanks to one less lonely girl, we have footage of what appears to be Justin Bieber asleep in a Brazilian brothel. I can’t say I’m disappointed in Bieber, mostly because I’ve never had any opinion of the lad. What I can say is that I’m disappointed in the woman in the video. Not only did she film Bieber in the wrong aspect ratio, but think of the blackmail potential she flushed down the toilet by freely handing this footage over to YouTube! She had the reputation of one of the world’s biggest pop stars in her hands, and, like Tony “butterfingers” Romo, she let it slip away. Just to clear things up, I’m not condoning blackmail. Nor am I condoning paying for sex. Nor am I condoning falling asleep in a house of ill repute. Bieber’s lucky he didn’t wake up in an ice-filled bathtub, hungover on scopolamine, with two kidney’s missing. Rookie mistake, Bieber.

I think the most shocking thing about this footage is that people still put themselves in dubious situations where they can be filmed. We live in an era where anything a person does can, and will end up on the internet. Part of me thinks that Bieber wanted to get caught. Being a child celebrity means that they will eventually have to shed their wholesome image. And that process is rarely graceful. Recently, Miley Cyrus has all but shown her achy breaky snizz to the world in an effort to convince people she is a grown up. Before her, Lindsay Lohan posed naked for Playboy and moved into rehab. What is a guy like Bieber supposed to do to show people he’s all grown up? The guy can’t even grow a full beard yet. The moral of this story? Nothing says “all grown up” like paying for sex.

Other than this brothel video snafu, the tour seems to be going well for Bieber. Here’s some footage of his most recent performance:

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