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Wearing A Sombrero Is Racist!

Turns out wearing a sombrero is racist if you’re not Mexican, according to the University of Birmingham in the UK. Several students were turned away from the school’s Halloween party, “Fab n Halloween” for dressing in Mexican and Native American (Village People) outfits that violated their zero tolerance policy towards discriminatory behavior. Oddly, one of the people behind the banning of sombreros appeared in a video wearing a sombrero and a feather boa (25 second mark). If anything, the guy’s acting in that video is what’s offensive.

I kind of get what the school was going for. They were trying to prevent a half-drunk white guy from getting a few chuckles at the expense of a culture. But the school’s Halloween policy also implies that cultures shouldn’t be allowed to mix. If I showed up to the party with a white woman in my arms, would she have been turned away too? “Hey ma’am, you can’t be here with that Mexican. It’s not culturally accurate and that’s racist and insensitive.” Ultimately, I think their attempts to create a tolerant environment were more offensive than what they were trying to prevent.

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