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Border Shutdown Would Close Bridge To Tijuana Airport

With the threat of Donald Trump shutting down the U.S. Mexican border, the Cross Border Express (CBX), a pedestrian bridge at the border that pedestrians in Otay Mesa can use to walk to the Tijuana International Airport, could be closed.

CBX opened the bridge in 2016 for ticketed airline passengers only. 

«It is in compliance with US Customers and Border Protection regulations and international safety standards,» said Nancy Gudiño, International and Public Affairs Manager for CBX. 

That makes Julio Doria nervous. His wife walked from Otay Mesa to Tijuana for a week long trip in Mexico starting Wednesday. 

«I think my wife will just have to stay in Mexico until they open the border again,» Doria speculated. «Because there won’t even be walking across.» 

President Trump said on Tuesday, «Sure it’s going to have a negative impact on the economy but security is more important to me than trade.” 

As of now the CBX is currently open but be effected if Trump does close the border.

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