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Boriqua Stars Plead For Help For Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria devistated Puerto Rico earlier this past week leaving 100% of the island without electricity. The reports of looting, price gouging, and general misery are numerous. Many of the island’s houses and infrastructure have been decimated. The difference between Cuba, which was rocked by hurricane Irma a few weeks ago, and Mexico, which had a horrible earthquake as well, is that Puerto Rico is an American protectorate. So, where is the help?

In this video, several Puerto Rican stars including Jennifer Lopez, Ricky Martin, and Rosie Perez plead with the U.S. government to aid Puerto Rico. President Trump has allocated very few resources, has not traveled there, nor really even talked about it. Some people are calling Maria Donald Trump’s Katrina. It’s not really surprising though. Donald Trump is noted for being a White supremacist and not giving a damn about Latinos or people of color. Why should he give aid to Puerto Rico?

Not that Puerto Ricans are overly fond of him but I’m pretty sure this has only further alienated them from him and his base. Some Puerto Ricans in Florida did vote for him because, as American citizens, the immigration debate doesn’t affect them. I’m pretty sure he’s not getting that trickle of Puerto Rican votes in 2020. Can he really depend solely on the votes of White people? I guess that’s what he’s going for.

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