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Brazil Not Happy With Sexy Adidas Shirts

When I was younger, I believed that “ADIDAS” actually stood for “All Day I Dream About Sex.” Thanks to some new clothing options provided by Adidas, those dreams are now, well, still dreams. In preparation for the upcoming World Cup, Adidas has released two shirt capitalizing on Brazil’s assets. And when I say assets, you know what I mean. Just look at the shirts. Anyway, Brazil’s head of tourism is slamming the company for promoting negative stereotypes. Not to excuse these shirts, but it could have been much, much worse. Adidas didn’t go all the way and make a shirt celebrating a certain kind of hair removal that Brazil is known for. Yeesh.

Flávio Dino, head of Brazil’s Tourism Board, had this to say: “We don’t accept that the World Cup be used for illegal practices, like so-called sexual tourism. We ask that Adidas put a stop to the sale of these products. Brazil has harsh laws to deal with sexual abuse and the police will act on these cases in the national territory.” Seems like a tight rope Brazil is walking, with respect to how it sees itself. Anytime I see a tourism advertisement for Brazil, it flaunts scantily clad women in parades and on beaches. But the tourism commercials seem to emphasize the natural beauty and elegance of the country – which just so happens to include very beautiful bodies. I suppose that is much classier than the juvenile TNA display that Adidas has embraced in their World Cup clothing line. Oh well, at least Adidas has treated the beautiful Selena Gomez with a little more respect.

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