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Brazil Beats Colombia But At A Cost

In the battle between the young Latin American stars James versus Neymar seemed more like James versus the referee’s.

Friday’s game saw a number of heavy tackles, with many going unpunished, while James Rodriguez seemed to be targeted by the Brazilian players throughout the match. World Cup referee Carlos Velasco Carballo showed just four yellow cards, despite blowing for 54 fouls — a record in this World Cup. T Silva scored the games first goal at the 7th minute mark. With James Rodriguez being targeted by Brazil and what seemed that the ref’s were going for Brazil, Colombia had a hard time getting in the game. Things did not get better for Colombia after David Luiz scored in the 69th minute mark. Finally in the 80th minute mark Colombia scored a goal thanks to a penalty kick by James Rodriguez. In the end Colombia’s young star, James Rodriguez, could not be the hero of the game with a come from behind win and Colombia falls to Brazil 2 -1. Brazil will move on and play Germany but with a heavy cost. During the end of the game Colombia’s Juan Camilo Zuniga had delivered a flying knee to the back of Brazil’s young star, Neymar, who fell to the ground with a lot of pain with a fractured vertebra ouch! This may cost Brazil’s hopes in winning the World Cup. The only good news for Brazil is that Luiz Gustavo, arguably one of Brazil’s most important players will return from his one-match suspension for yellow-card accumulation.

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