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Brazilian Cops Try Out “Robocop Glasses” Before 2014 World Cup

Monitoring the thousands of people that attend a World Cup is not easy. Security teams have to try and pick out suspicious characters from among the multitude of drunken, face-painted, screaming spectators. Luckily, science has come to the rescue of the Brazilian cops who will be in charge of keeping the peace of the next World Cup in 2014. Some sciency dudes invented a pair of sunglasses that can scan up to 400 faces at a time and matches them against a database of known criminals and terrorists. The glasses have been named “Robocop Glasses”, after the 1987 film. Just like Robocop, the sensors are programed to quickly scan faces and assess threats. The cops in Rio and Sao Paolo have all been given demos of the glasses in action.

It’s not that we’re saying it won’t work…but it may backfire. How well do those things really distinguish between different faces? What if it tells the Brazilian police that Billy Gibbons from ZZ Top is Osama Bin Laden because of the beard or something? Could we really live with ourselves if the legendary Texas blues man was sent to Gitmo?

Via AOL News.

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