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Brazilian Model Rap

Like a hunter in a blind, Brazilian model Michelli Provensi’s “All The Models In The House” shows that satire can attack from seemingly innocent and alluring setups. When thinking of oppressive working environments, the modeling industry is rarely the first to come to mind. Michelli Provensi, however, would like us to know that it’s not all glitter, bright lights, and playfully exposed areolas. The modelling industry has a tendency to nurture the vapid side of human nature, which Provensi rebuts with statements like, “There’s no point being pretty and having an empty head.” While I agree with her on that issue, I don’t fault anyone who has a “RealDoll” fetish. Sometimes you just want “someone” who won’t leave you.

The video came out in tandem with Provensi’s book – Preciso Rodar o Mundo – Aventuras Surreais de Uma Modelo Real (I Need to Go Around the World – Surreal Adventures of a Real Model). The book, like the video, tears down the perception that the life of a model is always glamorous. While her observations are intended for a larger audience, the core group of people she’s talking to are the young girls who fall into modeling in their early teens. And if there’s one thing teenagers love, it’s being told, in book form, how life goes and that they aren’t invincible.

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