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Brazil’s Youth Making Upperclass Uncomfortable

We’ve all heard of “slumming it” – aka partying below our pay grade. It’s a situation where a well-off individual brings their American Express Black Card to a dive bar, buys dozens of cheap drinks, and loudly makes fun of the scuzzy patrons they’re surrounded by. Well karma is a perra. Recently in Brazil, the youth have introduced the idea of slumming up as a form of protest. Brazil’s youth, en masse, are leaving their poverty stricken homes in favor of flash mobbing upscale establishments as a form of protest. Basically, they’re having an impromptu block party around rich people. To me, that is HILARIOUS because if there’s one thing urban youth know better than anyone, it is just how tight cheeked the upper-crust get when young poor people have a good time near them. Brazil’s media have called these peaceful swarms “lezinhos”- which translates to “little walks.”

A recent “little walk” of Brazil’s urban youth occurred at a high-end mall, which caused such a panic among the paying customers that authorities – aka mall cops/Paul Blart – shut the place down! No customer was fearless enough to endure the peaceful display of ethnic pageantry these pigment endowed youths were putting on. Maybe it’s my post Martin Luther King Jr. day soap box/hangover talking, but these “little walks” are just the youth of Brazil peacefully engaging in the pursuit of basic human rights, social equality, and public krumping. It’s the equivalent of a block party “sit in.” Who knows what they will accomplish, but I feel like we’ll be a little closer to answering the question of what it means when the only crime we commit is the color of our skin and the size of our bank account.

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