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Breaking Bad To Return In Spanish Version Metastasis

For all those Breaking Bad fans suffering from withdrawal we have good news. Breaking Bad is officially coming back but as a Spanish language remake, yes it’s Breaking Bad in Spanish. Meet Walter Blanco, the lead character in Metastasis (a reference to metastasizing cancer), a new Colombian series from Sony Pictures Television. Like Breaking Bad, this series is about a chemistry teacher who becomes a methamphetamine cook.

Breaking Bad was a great series that was not widely seen in Latin America. Metastasis promises to be more mainstream for Latin America who are accustomed to such crime telenovelas like El Cartel and La Saga. Metastasis will  be televised across Latin America and Univision’s UniMas networks in the U.S.

For this version of Breaking Bad,  fans can expect some differences between the U.S. and the  Spanish version. Motor homes are generally not popular in Colombia so you will see Walter and Jose cooking up their methamphetamine in an old school bus. Also, the killers known as the Salamanca cousins in Breaking bad will also make an appearance but will be played buy real life twin actors Oscar Luis and Luis Oscar Medina.

I can’t wait to see this new Spanish version of Breaking Bad and see how they incorporate all the Latin flavor into this series. If Metastasis becomes a hit will we see other hit series re-created for Latin America.

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