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Breathalyzer Watch: The Ultimate In Alcoholic Accessories!

You are at a bar with some friends and you’ve had a couple of drinks. You feel alright, but is your blood alcohol level too high? Would you pass a breathalyzer? Should you drive home?

The answer is: If you are asking yourself these questions then the answer is probably no, you shouldn’t drive home. But, just to be sure the Tokyo Flash watch company has come up with a breathalyzer watch. There is a little nozzle on the side of the watch face where you blow to see if your blood alcohol level is above the legal limit. It seems to us that if you are drunk, you aren’t going to be able to properly work a stupid breathalyzer watch. In that sense it can tell you if you have had one too many. Wearing this watch probably sends a bad signal to any ladies you might meet at the bar, your boss, your parents, or anyone else who sees you wear it. While you may think it shows how responsible you are, what it really says is that you are contemplating driving drunk enough of the time that you need to wear a friggin’ watch to measure how blitzed you are and you should seek treatment immediately.

Via Gizmodo.

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