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Brett Ratner Is A Horrible Person That Needs To Give His Latino Card Back

Yes, part of this post is in response to the homophobic comment Brett Ratner made at a Q&A following a screening of his latest feces-on-celluloid, Tower Heist (in short, he said “Rehearsing is for fags.” You can read more about this over at Screen Junkies). More than that though, I’m taking time from my busy schedule of wearing sweatpants and not showering to start a campaign to revoke Brett Ratner’s Latino card. Oh, and by the way, did you know that Brett Ratner is Cuban (He is on his mom’s side)?

What really set me off was this 12-minute long circle jerk interview conducted by radio host Enrique Santos. Ratner brought along actor Michael Peña (pinche vendido) to try to sell Tower Heist to Latinos. Below is video of the interview and a bullet point list of some of the most egregious stuff said:

1:30 Talks of losing his virginity to a light-skinned Dominican hooker. So not only is he a douchebag but a racist asshole too.

3:56 Name dropping Celia Cruz, surefire way to establish your Cuban heritage. Jose Alfredo Jimenez, Pedro Negrete. There, I just established my Mexican heritage. Didn’t realize it was that easy.

4:45 The Dominican Republican made Brett Ratner an ambassador?! That sh*t’s on you D.R.

5:10 He’s ruining “Quimbara”! Why don’t you just exhume Celia and defecate on her dead body, Brett?

6:50 Michael Peña is opening doors for other Latino actors? Yes, because his role in 30 Minutes Or Less (where he played a gangster cholo hitman named Chango) is akin to Rosa Parks refusing to give up her bus seat.

8:14 Michael Peña horsesh*t lie #1: There are a lot more opportunities for Latino actors now than there were ten years ago. Oh yeah? Not counting Sofia Vergara, name me five Latino actors currently on film or television. Al Madrigal doesn’t count. His show Free Agents was cancelled by NBC.

9:08 Michael Peña horsesh*t lie #2: “We need filmmakers like Brett.” Yep, that’s your credibility going out the window there, Michael.

10:12 Yes, because liking Cuban food obviously establishes your Latino cred. Hey, every person who’s ever eaten a taco, BAM! You’re now Mexican.

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