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Britney Spears Loves Latino Men

“I’ve always liked Latino men. They make me think of a bad-boy type that your father wouldn’t let you go out with.” – Britney Spears.

In a recent interview with Univision’s “Despierta America,” Britney Spears spoke on her love affair with swarthy, hot-blooded Latino men. Some who have watched the video claim that Britney’s casual use of the “bad-boy” stereotype is nothing short of accidental racism – not to be confused with the song Accidental Racist by Brad Paisley and LL Cool J. Maybe her statements do show a level of ignorance, but I don’t feel that her ignorance is backed in any kind of hate. If anything, as a Latino I just feel confused. I mean, let’s face it I was never going to have any kind of love affair with Britney Spears. And now the only way that I could is if I became a bad-boy. But what is a bad-boy Latino?

Does Britney Spears want the kind of bad-boy Latino who pwns noobs on the Call of Duty battlefield? Does Britney want me to steal a motorcycle and take her away from her parent’s house? I don’t know how to hot-wire a bike, let alone drive one. Is she looking for a John Hinckley Jr. bad-boy? You know, the kind that tries to assassinate people in office in an attempt to get her attention? Or maybe she just wants me to throw her across the dance floor, with my hips moving rhythmically to some salsa music. Maybe she wants a coyote who smuggles people across borders? Britney Spears, if you’re going to make a sweeping generalization of bad-boy Latinos, I suggest you clarify what you mean by “bad-boy”. Otherwise, you’re going to have a lot of confused Latinos out in the world trying to get your attention in awkward and dangerous ways. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go learn how to fight a bull. I hope this gets your attention, Britney!

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