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‘Brownface’ Parody of ‘Roma’ Star Yalitza Aparicio Ignites Backlash

Yeka Rosales, a TV personality for the Mexican multimedia network Televisa, faced backlash Monday after wearing “brownface” to parody “Roma” star and  indigenous Oaxaca actress Yalitza Aparicio.

On Rosales’ social media, the TV personality posted videos and photos of herself wearing thick lips, brown skin and a long, black-colored wig while holding an Oscar statuette. 

According to reports the parade was meant in no harm but to correlate with the network’s season premiere of “La Parodia,” a comedy TV series.

Televisa spokesman Alejandro Olmos told the Associated Press in an email that the network does not support racism and that some of the comments in the show would be edited for “bad taste.”  “We do not believe that the production of ‘La Parodia’ engages in this type of practice,” he told AP.

Shorty after the backlash, Televise deleted a video tweet of Rosales imitating Aparicio.

Que tal, its a shame that indigenous people continue to be portrayed as funny and ugly even in their own country.

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