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Can Spanish-Only Music Stars Achieve Crossover Success?

At the recent 57th Annual Grammy Awards, the Colombian pop/rock star Juanes took to the stage in a much-anticipated moment on one of music’s most important nights. The noteworthy performance en español highlighted a fascinating development in the Latin music industry: aiming for success in the general market while singing exclusively in Spanish. For many years, Latin artists such as Ricky Martin, Enrique Iglesias and Shakira achieved crossover success by recording English-language albums. But the question is can a Latin music star have success in the English market singing only in Spanish? Songs en español are very popular at the clubs and at the zumba classes, after all those Latin beats can really get you to move your hips and shake your ass. But I don’t think they can break down that wall and get enough non spanish speaking consumers to go out and get a spanish only CD. But then again I guess anything could happen, ya veremos si Juanes lo logra.

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