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“Cantinflas” Biopic Coming Soon To A Theater Near You

A new biopic based on the life of the legendary Mexican comedian Cantinflas will be released in the U.S. in August. The first trailer for the film shows a young Mario Moreno making his way from janitor to international superstar and all the bumps along the way. The film stars Oscar Jaenada as Moreno and he certainly looks the part. Like, strikingly so. It is impossible to tell from the trailer if the movie will be any good, of course, but the set and costume design alone deserve a look. Cantinflas as for many decades the most beloved comedian in all of the Spanish speaking world. He was relatively unknown in the United States, (there wasn’t any Telemundo back then to play his movies on Sunday mornings), until his Golden Globe winning role in Around The World In 80 Days. Moreno died in 1993 an international comedy icon.

How good was Cantinflas? People used to call him the “Mexican Charlie Chaplin”. The real Chaplin is reporteded to have said that Cantinflas was the greatest comedian ever. That’s some pretty high praise. The film comes out August 29.

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