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Carlos Slim Now The World’s Richest Dude

It was announced yesterday that the world’s richest man is now a Latino. Carlos Slim, the owner of Telemex, is the top dog with a net worth of 68.5 billion dollars. This beats out pasty white Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. This is a proud moment for Latinos everywhere, as now we can say that we too can obscenely horde unimaginable wealth while people around us starve. But we would ask Mr. Slim to try and do some good with his redonkulous wealth. Bill Gates does tremendous work with his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Back in the day, J.P. Morgan, the late 19th century’s richest man, actually bailed America out of a recession twice. We’re not saying he needs to do that, just something that will help people. Like, buy the entire continent of Africa a water purification system or pay of the Tu Vez staff writer’s student loans.

It’s sort of hard to imagine what 68.5 billion dollars even means. Most of us can’t fathom a million much less a billion. So, let me break this down for you:

With 68.5 Billion dollars you could…


Buy 68,500,000 El Caminos.



Pick up 33,907,500,000 regular soft or crunchy tacos from Taco Bell



Pay for 3,994,634 people to get a degree in air conditioning repair from ITT Tech



Purchase 319,049 Batmobiles


But can it buy you happiness? Look at all the stuff you can buy and tell me that wouldn’t make you happy.

Via NY Daily News.


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